23 September 2007

The Lay of the Daughter of Exile

Well, seeing as how it's going to be a busy week with minimal time for posting, I figured I might as well throw up another excerpt from the Book of Tales.

This is a short one. As I recall, Breygon found it in a book of ancient Elven poetry that the party recovered from Oras Rathorn's room at the Gane's Tankard Tavern - along with a lot of maps, bills, receipts and very little cash. As with all plot-relevant historical material the Party turns up, this one was in the Book of Tales as well.

The Lay is a mythical interpretation of the state of mind of Maerglyn, daughter of Biardath, after her overthrow by Yarchian the Renewer during the Age of Wisdom. As we all know, she eventually got her wish, and had a second shot at the throne - but decided to take on the Uruqua Ekhalra, Queen of the World. She chose poorly, and ended up as a dark stain on Ekhalra's floor.

But that all happened later.

* * * * *

Rune the Sixth:
Gesta Filia Eiectonia
("The Lay of the Daughter of Exile")
Third Canto, from the Canto Renovatium
by Ceorlinus Rectinarius

Fair children of Harad, bow down
Forsake the winds that blow
Make true obeisance to my crown
And bid farewell to field and town
And follow me below.

My father fell before my wrath
And ceded me his Wand
My mother joined me on my path
And aided me with blade and lathe
To cast him far beyond.

My victory was sweet but brief
And fleeting was my reign
Bright Mother was my foe’s relief
She stole upon me like a thief
And cast me forth again.

My kingdom’s death was kingdom’s birth
When from Harad I fled
With Wand, and followers of worth
I made my home beneath the Earth
Where foemen thought me dead.

My powers wax with every year
I pass in realms below
While those above me shrink with fear
My willing slaves my name revere
And help my powers grow.

Thus in the dark I bide my time
And race and might renew
Awaiting ‘till the bell doth chime
When to the light again I climb
To forge my realm anew.