09 November 2007

"Come, Maidens!"

Herewith the 11th Rune of the Tales of the WyrmVenite, Nymphae! This is the oldest and holiest of the hymns of the Disciples of Miyaga. The members of the party who speak Elven heard Allýeschýa sing this at the Battle of River’s Bend (which took place only a few weeks ago in real-time, and about two weeks forward of where we are now in game time) in the course of Inspiring Courage in the ship’s crew, and the Party members who were engaged in rescuing her and her Cortina. You see, Lady Ally’s not just a Disciple – she’s also a bard.

It’s a little unusual that any of the senior Disciples would sing this outside of the holiest of their rites – but hey, who knows why anyone does anything, in this crazy old world?

Oh, yeah, that’s right – because the DM wants them to.

* * * * *

Venite, Nymphae


Come, Maidens,

Come, Maidens, sing!

Hands high, hair free;

With vibrant, ringing voice

In springtime’s song, rejoice

Where Maidens’ mists in sunlight shine

Where grows the vibrant, verdant vine

Where waits Miyaga, maid divine

To sit in beauty’s majesty

That all may come, and all may see

The emerald eyes, like heart’s desire

The visage fair, that all admire

The scarlet mane, like kestrel’s wing

Of which Miyaga’s Maidens sing.

Come, Maidens, Sing;

Come, Maidens,



Come, Maidens,

Come, Maidens, dance!

Hands high, hair free;

With flying footsteps trace

The patterns trod in this deep place

Where stands the siege of heart’s desire

Where sits our Mistress, limned in fire

Where passions flame, and slaked, remain

To sate the appetites of all

Who heed Miyaga’s Maidens’ call.

Let pleasure be our Lady’s gain,

And weak and weary hearts entrance;

For this, Miyaga’s Maidens dance.

Come, Maidens, dance;

Come, Maidens,



Come, Maidens,

Come, Maidens, rise!

Hands high, hair free;

Forsake the deep and shadowed place,

With open eyes and hearts embrace

The verdant fields, and azure skies;

Obey your Mistress, fair and wise,

And flee the damning dark’s demise.

With spirit free and ever pure,

The depths of kindred souls allure;

With gift of body, heart and soul

And gift of love, make mortals whole.

By dint of Maiden’s peerless charms,

Magister, mage, and man-at-arms;

Priest and prophet, warrior wild;

Bard beloved, and rogue reviled;

Students of glory and despair;

Their minds and spirits and hearts ensnare.

Bring ye unto the world above,

Mistress Miyaga’s eager love,

And all that stand beneath the skies,

Capture and keep with ardent eyes;

For this, Miyaga’s Maidens rise!

Come, Maidens, rise;

Come, Maidens,


Come, Maidens,