24 April 2012

First-Time (Fiction) Author!

Well, this certainly feels good.

After trying traditional publishers for the past three years, I finally decided to go for e-publishing via Kindle.  The book is available at Amazon.com for the bargain-basement price of $2.99!

Note that this is Volume 2 of the trilogy entitled Kaunovalta; for some reason, Volume 1 hasn't propagated yet via the publishing system, despite having been submitted several days earlier.  Volume 3 will be some time in coming; I've got some significant rewrites I want to do before I let it out of the box.  Once that's done, I think I'll finish up and publish Bjorn's Saga, and then get to work on the next one.  Maybe it's time to write the Tale of the Shards down in one piece.

Anyway, I'm unreasonably excited by this, so I just thought I'd share.  I've published plenty of academic papers both short and long, but this is my first piece of published fiction.  I'm already planning how to spend my first royalty check.  Depending on how long it takes to rack up $100 in royalties, it might be on...well, on Depends.

Many thanks to Breygon, Joraz and especially Bjorn/Thanos/Karrick for making this all possible! 

Yeah, you know who you are.