26 July 2012

Published books - fixed!

A sincere apology to any of my readers who have purchased my books from Amazon.com.  I found out earlier this week that there was a problem with the image settings in the files offered for on-line purchase; a reader complained about the maps in The Sea Dragon not displaying properly, and Amazon contacted me to fix the problem. I got it sorted out and republished the book in minutes, but then decided to check the rest - and sure enough, the same problem affected ALL of my books.

So they've all now been fixed. I even took the opportunity to republish my non-fiction book on NATO and Kosovo as well.

By way of apology, here's a special offer to anyone who bought a copy of one of my books from Amazon, and ended up with a product that did not display properly or that was poorly formatted: send me an email via the contact page at my author website, specifying the book(s) you purchased and a return email address, and I will email you the most recent .mobi file for each book, along with a complimentary copy of the companion volume, Tales of the Wyrm.

All I'd ask in return is that you consider visiting the appropriate page for each book at the Amazon Kindle store (or the Smashwords site) and leaving a "like" (assuming of course that you liked the book); or better yet, if you have the time, a review.

Thanks - and once again, my sincere apologies!