15 July 2012

"The Running Girl" - another great review

Many thanks to "Canuckreader" for an extremely generous review of The Running Girl:


The author has created a complex yet highly enjoyable world for the setting of `The Running Girl', the debut novel, in what I expect to be a great new series for fans of serious fantasy fiction. Creating a fantasy world - with its requisite back story, history, culture, customs, etc. is a very difficult and daunting endeavor and one fraught with danger. Neill has obliviously spent a great amount of time crafting the world in which `The Running Girl' is set. It is a world that I encourage more and more readers of fine fantasy to embrace and it is one that I cannot wait to enter again and again.

I found a real strength in Neill's characterization. It's not too gradual nor is it too abrupt, the pace feels just right. The first chapter, once you get through the introduction, was quick to insight and very intriguing. Neill has a real talent for writing prose; it is a journey in and of itself and he has found just the right balance between complexity and wordiness that is needed for a fantasy novel.

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of Kaunovalta Trilogy, and then starting Neill's Bjornssaga Trilogy. Neill is a fresh new face and great addition to the fantasy genre. Five out of five stars for this debut novel.
I'm delighted to see that someone else is having as much fun in Anuru as I am.
Meanwhile, my website is coming together, courtesy a lovely lady who is doing absolutely magnificent work.  Pop on over and take a look!
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