21 June 2012

New book - "The Sea Dragon"

Hello all!

As you can see from the title bar, my new book, The Sea Dragon (Book I of the Bjornssaga), is now available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Here's the precis:

Bjorn Guthbrandr – a one-time reiver turned priest of Esu; a humble Hand of the Great General, the Allfather of Men – has been caught up in a quest that began in the distant past. Travelling to his homeland in the mountains of far-off Jarla to consult with his superiors and seek out the trail of an artifact of ancient evil, he finds himself burdened with a most unusual companion: Salimankerias, a dragon of the sea. Together they must leave the south behind and make their way to the frozen northlands in the depths of winter, searching for the holy city of Kofalls, where they hope to find Bjorn’s superiors in faith, and the answers that they seek. They find much more than that; not only answers, but danger, disaster and death – and proof that an ancient evil has awoken, more potent and dreadful than any they had expected to find. The ancient city, Bjorn's homeland, and even the world itself are at stake as the two unlikely comrades strive to overcome the differences that divide them, and work together to defeat the fell and ancient powers that hope to enslave Bjorn’s people, and bury the northlands in a shroud of eternal ice and darkness.

The Sea-Dragon is the first book of the Bjornssaga – three tales that concern the deeds of Bjorn Guthbrandr, Fist of the Allfather, in the months after his departure from the company of his fellow Brothers of the Wyrm. Those earlier tales will be told in a forthcoming series entitled The Brotherhood of the Wyrm. While the Bjornssaga thus begins in medias res, each of its books, including this one, stands on its own, recounting a single, self-contained episode in the overall saga.

If you like my previous books, I hope you'll feel this one is worth a look-see.  And if you have any feedback, please put it in a review!

I'll be taking a short break from Anuru to work on another project for the next few months, but hope to be back before Christmas with the first installment of the next trilogy I plan to tackle - The Brotherhood of Wyrms

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!