28 June 2012

Tales of the Wyrm!


Tales of the Wyrm is now available for purchase on Amazon.com!


I've been working on this one in a dilatory fashion, and finally got it wrapped up today. It's not one of the trilogy novels; rather, it's the first volume in a companion set to the novels, called The Tales of the Wyrm. 

It's already available on Smashwords, and ought to be up at the Amazon Kindle site before too long.

Here's how I put it in the book description:

Myths and legends, tales of valour and horror, songs and stories and doggerel verse - all this and more lies within, illuminating the world that is Anuru. This is a book of poetry and prose that is intended to serve as a companion volume to the various novels that make up "The Chronicles of Anuru". Edited by Gwen of Aeryn, a thieving barkeep with a caustic wit, and an eye for epic prose.

I just put it out for a lark. Who knows? Maybe some day my deathless verse will rank alongside Wal Whitman's "I Sing The Body Electric" in the vast compendium of incomprehensible nonsense inflicted upon Grade 10 students.

One can only hope.