28 July 2007

The Crypt (II) - The Barbarian King

So it was Breygon who found the "sweet spot" in the middle of the runestone ring, and ended up crashing through a couple of yards of wet dirt and crumbling masonry, crashing to the flagstones right about where that hand-drawn "X" is (near the #2 on the map). Gwen sprinted (insofar as Halflings can be said to "sprint") back to the campsite to fetch her colleagues and a rope. In a trice, the five intrepid adventurers found themselves standing in a...

...well, you can read the rest. That's why DMs write dungeon descriptions.

* * * * *



- Fairly good quality hewn stone construction; most of the stone is granite; heavily carved with abstract sigils and old, unrecognizable runes (Decipher Script 20: similar to bardic ogham, but still unreadable, although some of the words are familiar to the Northern dialects; they speak of “battles, and mighty kings, and the valiant dead”)
- Ceiling 8’ at walls, 12’ at columns, peaks at 15’
- Dais 4’ above floor (6-9’ to ceiling), bronze rails
- Large chunks of rubble from fallen ceiling and columns, particularly under hole in floor
- Heavy layer of dust on floor, disturbed near skeletons
- Four guttering torches (“Continual Flame”) burn against pillars torches in crypt, one in antechamber; light is very dim except within 10’ of torch
- Atmosphere cold and terrifying; eldritch shivers; Fort DC 10 or -1 on all atk rolls, skill checks and saves for duration of stay


You see armed and armoured warriors lining the walls, standing in niches 5’ deep and wide, and 8’ high. They are crude stone statues of warriors, bearing rusted swords and ancient axes, and are crumbling under the implacable assault of time.”

- These are in fact medium-sized animated objects that will animate and attack as soon as someone places a foot upon the stairs up to the dais. They are in poor condition; some are missing chunks, even an arm, and most are not as hard as once they were.

Animated Object, (Yellow = Swordsman, Red = Axeman)
Corroded bronze scale, bronze helms, bronze shields, rusty Long Sword/Baxe
- Init +0, AC 14 (+4 scale), Hardness random (2d4), HD2d10, LSword/BAxe +2 melee, Dam 1d8+1, 5’x5’/5’, Move 10’, F+0, R+0, W-5, Str 12, Dex 10, Con-, Int-, Wis 1, Cha 1. Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain or death from massive damage. No treasure. CR 3 each.

There are 14 of these animated statues present.


- badly corroded bronze grille; anyone stepping on it over 100 lbs will break through; Reflex save DC 14 to avoid fall; fall causes 1d6+1d4 damage (reflex save DC 15 for half)
- 3’ x 3’ dirt shaft 15’ down to 20’ x 20’ cylindrical sump full of foul water and bones; water is 8’ deep. Climb check DC 20 to climb back out on own. Nothing in sump.


- 10 steps up to bars; centre section of bars is hinged; light from a torch beyond
- Bars in antechamber of figured bronze; very ornate, spiked etc.
- locked (Open Lock DC 22); AC 18, hardness 9, HP 10, Bend DC 26
- Two more ANIMATED OBJECT warriors can be seen beyond gate


- 15’ x 15’, 8’ ceiling; walls heavily carved in old runes (similar to Bardic Ogham)
- 2 ANIMATED OBJECT warriors here, will attack if passed (see area #2 above)


- Spot DC 26 (slight cracks in stonework around 4’ wide, 6’ high door)
- Search DC 22 (slightly raised stone eye in carved dragon, must be depressed)
- If door is touched, statue at area #7 will animate and attack anyone near door
- Door opens 2” inward, sticks; Strength check of 18 to force open (Hardness 9, HP 12)
- Air is dead and lifeless; thick dust on stairs, undisturbed for centuries
- 2 flights of 22 stairs downwards
- PIT TRAP halfway down


- 8 steps up to 4’ off floor, corroded bronze railing; large stone throne

"Seated on the throne is an enormous, crumbling stone statue of an ancient barbarian warrior. The statue is carved of white dolomite, badly darkened by age, and is covered in a heavy layer of dust and cobwebs; a large metal and wooden shield, badly decayed, sits by its right side; a long, heavy sword, covered in rust, lays across its knees; and a simple coronet set with dark red gems sits askew on its brow. The statue looks like a mighty human warrior, but is the size of a giant – at least 10’ tall sitting down. He looks as if he has been waiting - for a very long time."

Huge Animated Statue – will atk if his sword, the chests, or the secret door at area #6 is touched.

[HUGE ANIMATED OBJECT: Init +3 (-1 Dex, +4 Stone of Improved Initiative), AC 14 (+4 natural), Hardness 7, HD8d10, Slam +9 melee / +1 Greatsword +10 melee, Trample (medium or smaller) +9 / Slam 2d6+7, +1 Greatsword 2d6+8, Trample 2d6+7 / 5’x5’/10’, Move 20’, F+2, R+1, W-3, Str 20, Dex 8, Con-, Int-, Wis 1, Cha 1. Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain or death from massive damage. Ignores first 7 points of damage; can’t be healed or repaired. CR 5. If taken below zero hit points, the statue automatically crumbles into gravel, and the sword will tumble free. The necklace can be found by searching the rubble of the statue (Search SC 16).


+1 Greatsword (ancient northern barbarian design; runes engraved on blade: “Ullyngrdr, Foecrusher, Giant’s Bane / Snorri made me for Wiglif Ygrd’s son”)

Gold chain necklace set with 12 cairngorm garnets. One of the garnets is enchanted, granting its bearer the Improved Initiative feat (but only if the bearer does not already have the feat. Weak transmutation, CL 7, Cat's Grace, 8000 gp).


"Under a heavy layer of cobwebs and dust, three solid wooden chests are aligned against the wall behind the throne."

(each chest is wooden, 3’ wide, 3’ high, 2’ deep, and has seen better days)

Chest 1: Locked (rusty, Open Lock DC 22) – 1450 cp, 625 sp, 95 gp (all loose)

Chest 2: No lock, rich clothing, rotted to dust; some gold buttons

Chest 3: Locked, trapped (old poison needle: Search DC 20, Disable Device DC 16; Reflex Save 22 or 1d2 damage; poison Fort DC 13 or 1d3/1d3 Dex. Open Lock DC 14). Chest contains rags of cloth wrapped around archaic suit of gilded MW scale mail, very pretty, ancient pattern of individually engraved dragon scales (Hist/Lore DC 25, Human Wis Check 20, Armoursmith DC 17 – 1000 year old ceremonial armour from ancient human barbarian kingdoms, made by northern smiths, v. 900 gp, doule that to a collector; includes gilded open-face helm with large buck antlers, v. 300 gp).

Spot DC 26 / Search DC 16: Ullyngrdr’s scabbard, made of black dragon-hide and set with corroded silver clasps, lies covered in dust and cobwebs on the floor behind the chests.