25 July 2007

Roll Initiative!

Welcome, stranger, to Anuru.

If you happen to be a normal, rational human being, you should probably be aware that this is a blog dedicated to the perambulations of a group of rag-tag adventurers scrambling purposefully across the vast, sprawling landmass of Erutrei, one continent (of many) on Anuru, the World of Light and Shadow.

That's right - you've stumbled onto the gaming site of a Dungeons and Dragons(TM) group. Try not to sprain your index finger stabbing madly at the BACK button on your browser.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an on-line resource for members of our group, both to keep them up to date on developments in the world their player characters inhabit, and to give them an opportunity to post information, questions, thoughts and ideas about the campaign in particular, and the Great Game in general.

Casual readers should be aware that we began this campaign almost a year ago, and while we've been talking about setting up a blog, we hadn't done so to date. So we're a little behind the magic eight-ball, and as a result, I hope to post a tidal wave of background information in the early days, just to try to bring us up to present-day, game-wise. This will include all sorts of background material, including history, religion, character-generation material, and all sorts of synoptical material. I'll also post the details of dungeons the PCs have survived (or not survived; sic transit gloria Joraz), treasures won, experience gained, and synopses concerning how things went, and what happened in between. All good stuff.

Hopefully I'll be able, with the assistance of my gaming confreres, to keep at this regularly, and the end result will be a chronology of what has been, and I hope will continue to be, a damned enjoyable game.

For those of you who aren't Dungeons and Dragons (TM) fans but, as is often the case with traffic accidents, are unable to look away, I invite you to stick around. You will have a fascinating front-row seat at a window into the workings of the mind of nerdis canadensiis. If you ARE fans of the game, welcome aboard. I offer you four heartening data points for the future:

(1) we're all over 30, and just as enthusiastic about the game today as we were when we started playing it (which, in two cases, was back when it was called Blackmoor);

(2) two-thirds of us are married (yes, it CAN happen), and one third of us have kids;

(3) none of us lives in his Mom's basement; and

(4) one of us is a girl (yes, it CAN happen).

So join us on our adventure, if you dare. Or snort derisively and move on to the next blog. Whatever.

The scene is a tavern. Before you on the scarred surface of the table is a two-liter bottle of Strongbow cider, a bag of Sweet Chili Heat Doritos, and a handful of odd-looking, polygonal dice...


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