26 July 2007


Behold the mighty continent of Erutrei, jewel and heart of Anuru, and the home of our adventurers and all they know and love. The geography depicted here will become increasingly important as I post more of the ancient history of the universe, the history of the Kindred Races, and the chronicles of our campaigners.

For the sake of reference, most of the action to date has involved our main campaign group, the Brothers of the Wyrm, and has taken place in the southeastern portion of the continent, in the kingdom known as Zare. We've also had some activity in the Skywaters Campaign, involving a smaller group of adventurers a little further westwards, who have been stumbling around the Great Wasteland north of Mirabilis.

I'll be posting more detailed - far more detailed - maps in the future as things move along, but for the nonce, I thought this one might help to give the Gentle Reader an overview of the world up front. Enjoy.

(Yeah, I know - no scale. This map is for relative positioning and general geophysical outlines only. Take it as read that the place is a thousand leages north to south, and a good deal more than that from east to west.)