29 July 2007

How the DM sees the Party

A few posts ago, I introduced the PCs. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Every player sees their PC a different way – and so does the DM. After you’ve been playing together a while, you start to get this image in your mind’s eye, and it can be a little hard to purge.

Anyway, here’s a little graphic I did up a few months ago, using images cobbled together off the internet, as a mnemonic for the Party. Responses to this were as follows:

Breygon: “I’m a Half-elf, not an Indian. Native American. Aboriginal person. Whatever.”

Lyra: “I’m, like, WAY hotter than that.”

Bjorn: “Where’s my armour? I didn’t trade it for beer, did I?”

Joraz: “Green balloon pants? What’s THAT about?”

Gwen: “Woo-HOO! Lookit mah boo-TAY!”

Harroaharg, aka Greywind the Half-Celestial Winter Wolf (who is Breygon’s animal companion), didn’t register any complaints. Of course, he’s an NPC, so he works for me…and I guess he wants to keep on working.

Some good DID come of putting this collage out there, though – it got the players all indignant and prompted them to send me pics of what their PCs REALLY look like.

Maybe I’ll post those ones some time in the future. But these images will always hold a special place in my heart.

P.S. Don’t worry, Joraz – Haugulf Hardfist, Fist of the Allfather at the Grand Temple in Bymill, won’t bury you in the green balloon pants. It’s against his religion.

P.P.S. “Can’t touch this!” Hah!