27 August 2007

Anecdotes of the Wyrm #3: Ally'esch'ya

The PCs originally met the mysterious Ally'esch'ya during a musical performance at the Gane's Tankard Tavern, and their individual reactions to the appearance of a stunningly gorgeous Dark Elf in their midst were fairly predictable.

Except for Lyra. Lyra ALWAYS surprises us.

They bumped into Ally'esch'ya again during last weeks session, rescuing her and her ship-wrecked entourage from a passel of bugbears and dire wolves led by an Ogre barbarian. The PCs' reactions were pretty much the same as they were the first time around...including Lyra's.

As a straight-laced and pretty conventional DM, I sense difficult, possibly squirm-inducing, times ahead.