11 August 2007

Homage to the Stick - VII

Well, that took some doing, but now we have a complete stick-party!

The final member of our happy little gang is Gwendilyne.

Rogue 8

Money quote: "Give back the necklace? BOOOOO!!!"

Gwendilyne, a charter member of the Party, first made the acquaintance of her colleagues on that fateful day back in Aeryn when Breygon, Alric and Qaramyn were undergoing try-outs for the Watch, and she was taking advantage of the crowds to lift a few purses. She quickly discovered that a 35-pound Halfling suffers a rather significant penalty on her Move Silently check when dragging a 45-pound sack of coins along the cobblestones. While the others gained admission to the Watch the traditional way, Gwen enrolled as an alternative to a lengthy period of incarceration.

Since that day, she has been invaluable as a source of thieving skills, sneak attacks, and hilarity. Her Move Silently and Hide checks are now so high that she has to make a conscious effort to be noticed by her team-mates. Since Aeryn, she has been making remarkable progress in restraining her larcenous tendencies - much to everyone's disappointment.