26 August 2007

Anecdotes of the Wyrm II: Surprises!

I originally thought this was a pretty neat idea for spicing up an otherwise fairly run-of-the-mill dire animal encounter. But ever since the Pain Demon popped out of the dire bear carcass, I haven't heard the end of it.

Jeez, why did they think Yogi was all rabid and pussy and stuff?

Meanwhile, there's nothing quite as awe-inspiring as a seasoned fighter/cleric of the Allfather raising his warhammer to the skies, and shrieking Esu's centuries-old battle-cry: "Dude! We're, like, sixth level!"


(N.B. The incident referred to in this little strip took place after the Party left Ganesford en route Bymill. Hopefully I'll have caught up to that point in another week or so.)