07 August 2007

All Hail the Order of the Stick!


You know, for people who pride themselves not only on being gaming geeks but also on being dedicated net-heads, the fact that we all went so long without becoming totally addicted to the Order of the Stick simply boggles me gulliver.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Order of the Stick is a net-based cartoon strip that began more than four years ago with this masterpiece. The strip’s genius lies, in my humble analysis, in three things:

1) it follows a very traditional D&D story arc, with heroes, villains and quests;

2) it does a marvellous job both of sticking to the 3.5 Edition rules, and highlighting the inanities in the rules structure that long-time players find annoying, or just plain weird; and

3) it’s funny. Damned funny.

The thing is so popular that four books have been published to date, and all of the major characters (and villains) have their own Wikipedia entries.

I’m in the process of buying all the books, and have been following the strip maniacally on the web. But OOTS has also brought us inspiration in many other ways. Breygon’s player got so chuffed about it that he located an OOTS avatar for each member of the original, and current, adventuring parties.

So without further ado, I give you the past…

[UPDATE - see below]

And the present!

[UPDATE - I created and posted these graphic compilations before reading the FAQ over at GITP, where Rich Burlow asks folks not to copy or modify his graphics. That's his right, of course, so in deference to his wishes I've taken the images down. All the more reason to get out my 2B pencil and come up with my own graphics, I guess!]

[I'm keeping it on my desktop, though! BWAHAHAHAHAH!]

Both offered with a hearty salute to creator Rich Burlew and Giant In The Playground comics.

You keep drawing them, Rich, and we’ll keep buying them!