25 August 2007

Anecdotes of the Wyrm

Well, I finished reading Rich Burlew's "Order of the Stick: Dungeon-Crawling Fools" today, and next week I'm going to head out to my favourite gaming store and pick up "No Cure for the Paladin Blues".

Have I already read them all on the web? Of course I have. What's your point?

Anyway, I've had so much fun playing around with the PC designs based on Burlew's OOTS guys and gals (scroll down, I'm way too tired to mess around with hyperlinks tonight) that I decided to try my hand at single-strip comics featuring Da Crew. My first effort is below.

(For those of you unfamiliar with our dramatis personae, from left to right we have the Orb of Undeath, Alric Wolfsbane, Joraz, Qaramyn Lux, Greywind the Half-Celestial Winter Wolf, Breygon Sylvanus, Gwendilyne, and a few of the 141 silver bars the PCs found in the hold of the Sea Wyrm.)

The scene depicted is the final denouement of the Battle of the Sea Wyrm, the sunken ship filled with an undead crew that had been slain and raised again by a hideous artifact - the Orb of Undeath, a crystal ball with a skull embedded in it (yes, exactly like Janeane Garofolo was hurling around in "Mystery Men". Jeez). As you may recall from reading the account of the battle, Alric for some reason decided that the skull belonged to the vampire, Rant Strongale, that the Party had been fighting moments before. I'm not sure how the guy playing Alric came to this conclusion, seeing as how the vampire had clearly had his skull with him during the battle, a fact to which Breygon could have attested, seeing as how he picked up a pair of bite-marks courtesy the fangs embedded in said cranium. Anyway, Alric smote the crystal ball mightily with his - which is to say, the cleric Viloriannis' - blessed mace. The ball exploded, Alric got a faceful of crystal shrapnel, and the PCs spent the rest of the evening putting the chop on the few shambling horrors left alive (or not-alive) in the dungeon, and looting the place blind.

And in case you were wondering, YES, I was inspired by the story of Van Der Decken and his cursed, immortal crew. In fact, the working title for this dungeon was "The Dying Dutchman". What can I say? It was a good story before Gore Verbinski got his hands on it and turned it into a giant, steaming pile of dingo's kidneys (although the three POTC movies have some redeeming features, e.g. adequate swordfights, Captain Jack Sparrow, the best example of a chaotic neutral character EVER, and Keira Knightly).

Anyway, I ramble. Enjoy. Or not. Maybe I'll make some more. But you won't see Qaramyn or Alric again; this was their last adventure with the Party. On the upside, after the wizard's departure, the Brotherhood was able to cancel all of that extra fire insurance.