10 August 2007

Homage to the Stick - V

Next up - the inimitable Joraz, a Tyrellian Monk engaged in a quest to hunt down his master's killer, and recover (from his stiffening corpse) the last of the Three Books of Tyrellus.

Joraz is a master of unarmed combat, skilled at closing to melee range, attacking enemies with his devastating class abilities, which apparently include Stunning Fists, Flurries of Blows, Maintaining an Inscrutable Silence, Running Really, REALLY Fast, and Repeatedly Going Below Zero Hit Points.

Monk 8

Money quote: "I strike him with a Flurry of Blows. And then, I run away."

(Joraz' Player will be happy to see that I didn't draw him with the puffy green MC Hammer pants. Anything for you, buddy.)

As an added bonus, here's a representation of what Joraz looks like now, having assumed room temperature during the battle to rescue Magister Pandictus from the minions conjued by his rival, Araznul. Joraz is currently enjoying the benefits of a Gentle Repose spell, and is decorating the Bier of the Boðvarrmær in the Great Hall of the Allfather, under the watchful eye of Prelate Haugulf Hardfist, while the rest of the Party tries to put its hands on 5,000 clams worth of shiny rocks. Looks peaceful, doesn't he?