07 August 2007

The Letter

I forgot to mention something. When the PCs came down to breakfast on their second day in Bornhavn, the morning cook brought Breygon a letter that had been left to his attention.

When Breygon opened the letter, two things dropped out of it: a small gold ring marked with an intricate pattern of leaves and vines; and a silver shilling, much tarnished.

The text of the letter was both intriguing, and pretty much self-explanatory. And it was written in an unfamiliar, exotic indigo ink.

* * * * *

Bornhavn, The Rest
Morning, 10th Lastreap

To Breygon “Advigilium”, Farewell!

The ring is for the horse. Take it, with my thanks.

The coin is for the halfling. Whence I come, when one receives a weapon, it is bad luck not to pay for it. Tell her that we’re even.

My name is for you alone. It will mean little in this tongue, yet still you may not wish to speak it aloud.

- Allymynorkarel Ayellohax

Occursus non fors inter Elvii
“There are no chance meetings between Elves.”

* * * * *

Breygon made a Knowledge(History) check and came up empty on the name.

But guess who’s still carrying a torch for the mysterious stranger.