08 August 2007

Homage to the Stick

In order to avoid infringing Rich Burlow’s copyrights, I’ve taken down our “party strip” based on OOTS graphics. Rich himself, however, invites fans of the Stick to create their own OOTS-style graphics – and it’s not all that hard if you only have to make one character (I wouldn’t want to have to come up with three 15-panel comics per week!). That’s too cool an invitation to pass up, so here’s my take on my old PC:

Qaramyn Lux
Human Wizard 5
Motto: “Most of life’s problems can be solved by setting something on fire.”

If I get the time, I’ll throw together representative images of our other PCs – perhaps starting with our old buddy, Alric Wolfsnack.

(Incidentally, I threw this graphic together in about 30 minutes, using a combination of MS PowerPoint, Windows Paint, and Adobe Photo-Editor. Piece of cake.)