11 August 2007


I've mentioned on a few occasions that the Party's ranger, Breygon Sylvanus, has as his animal companion a great silver wolf known as Greywind. Greywind has been with the party since that fateful night (described below) when they rescued him from the crazed huntsman Baltun Cicero and his goblin henchman, Patchkin.

Since then, Greywind has been adventuring alongside the Party as an NPC cohort of Breygon. Thus far he has only missed two fights: the Battle of File's Hall (when he was down by the river, washing the filth of the Great Swamp out of his fur); and the Battle of the Broken Temple (of which more later), when he was unable to climb the cliffs and ropes in order to get into the ruins where the battle took place. Other than those two occasions, he has been a boon companion.

As you may have guessed, he's more than just a regular wolf. Because he has an Intelligence score above 3, he has been able to gain experience and advance along with the Party members; and because he is a Half-Celestial Winter Wolf, his class level advancement is as a Paladin of Tioreth.

Here, for your information, are his stats:

Harroaharg (Greywind)
Half-Celestial Winter Wolf / Paladin of Tioreth 3

HD: 6d10+30 + 3d10+12 (104 HP)
Init: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 50’, swim 20’
AC: 19 (+3 Dex, +6 Natural)
Attacks: Bite +12 (+7, +4 Str, +1 W.F.)
Damage: Bite 1d8+4
Face/Reach: 5’x5’/5’
Spec. Atks: Trip, Breath Weapon, Spell-Like Abilities
Spec. Qual: Scent, Celestial Qualities
Saves: F+12(+16), R+7(+10), W+7(+9), (+1 to all saves due to Divine Grace)
Abilities: S 18, D 16, C 18, I 6, W 14, Ch 12
Skills: Hide+9*, Jump +8, Listen+11, Move Silently+10, Spot+11, Survival+8**
Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Track, Weapon Focus (Bite)
Treasure: None
Alignment: Lawful Good
Size/Weight: 4’ at shoulder, 51/2’ long, 180 lbs

At will: Light as the spell; soft light emanates from fur, shedding light in 20’ radius; he does this automatically when it is too dark to see, unless there is a good reason not to
3/day: Protection from Evil, self only, 1 minute per level (+2 AC, +2 saves, blocks mental, no contact)
1/day of the following three: Cure Serious Wounds (cures 3d8+6, by licking wounded creature); Neutralize Poison (by licking wounded creature); Remove Disease (by nuzzling affected creature)

: A wolf that hits with a bite attack can attempt to Trip the opponent as a free action
Scent: **Wolves receive a +4 racial bonus to Survival checks when tracking by scent
Breath Weapon: Cone of Cold, 15’ long x 15’ wide, once every 1d4 rounds; 3d6 damage, Reflex half DC 17 (Breath weapon can be used while biting; eliminates reflex save)
Celestial Qualities: Darkvision 60’, immune to acid, cold, disease and electricity; +4 racial bonus to poison saves
Skills: *Hide: +2 racial bonus in wooded areas; +4 racial bonus in snowy or icy areas

Detect Evil
: at will as CL 3 (60’ range, up to 10 minutes/lvl, 1st rd: presence of evil, 2nd rd: number of evil auras, 3rd rd: strength and location of each aura)
Divine Grace: apply Charisma bonus (+1) to all saving throws
Lay on Hands: heal up to charisma bonus x level HP per day (3 HP/day)
Divine Health: immune to all magical and natural diseases
Aura of Courage: immune to Fear effects; allies within 10’ gain +4 on saves against Fear (Su)
Smite Evil: once per day, add Charisma modifier to attack roll (+1) and deal extra point of damage per level (+9)
Remove Disease: as per spell, once per week (by licking victim)
Turn Undead: 3+charisma bonus attempts per day, as cleric level 1
[Spells] – gained beginning 4th level
[Special Mount] – Harroaharg will never gain a special mount
[Code of Conduct/Associates] – Harroaharg will never retreat from a battle with evil, except to save his colleagues

Harroaharg is descended from the union of Tioreth, the Servant of Tian the Just, and a great winter wolf (of all wolves descended of this union, 90% are normal, but good-aligned, wolves, 9% are Aasimar wolves, and 1% are half-celestial wolves) . He appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a normal, large silvery-grey wolf, standing 4’ at the shoulder and measuring 51/2’ nose to tail, but is stronger, tougher and more solid than usual for his species. His coat is mostly silver-grey, with frost and silver markings, and a hint of black around the eyes. There is the barest hint of a pearlescent sheen to his coat that becomes brighter when he runs.

When he uses his Smite Evil attack, sparks fly from his fangs. He understands the Elven tongue, but does not speak it himself, although due to his native intelligence, he is sufficiently expressive that anyone using the “Animal Empathy” skill to understand him does so at +10. Finally, he is steadier in battle than normal wolves, particularly against evil creatures, and is adamant about upholding wolfly “propriety” (i.e., proper behaviour towards the pack leader, et al.)

Other wolves tend to act fawningly around Harroaharg, with the exception of Wargs and Hellhounds, which either attack or flee on sight. Winter wolves both fear and respect him.