10 August 2007

Homage to the Stick - VI

One more for tonight. Gents, feast your eyes on Lyra Alyra, spellslinger extraordinaire.

Lyra Alyra
Rogue 1 / Sorceress 5

A native of the northern metropolis of Ellohyin, Lyra left town on a fast horse after giving an excessively friendly acquaintance a souvenir scar in a place that makes it uncomfortable to wear a belt, and fell into Bjorn's company in the charming mining town of Dolin's Pit, ten leagues south of Ellohyin. The two travelled together until they linked up with the rest of the Party, shortly after Qaramyn and Alric had left the Party to go their separate ways.

Lyra likes fine wines, soft music, hot-tubbing, picking the pockets of love-struck noblemen and then stabbing them, and using her alarmingly high charisma to get a discount at Banana Plutocracy.

(*You'll recall, from the Tale of the Hiarsk in the Ancient History posts below, that the Hiarsk are the hereditary race of half-elves descended from Niamlo, daughter of Braea, and the Esudi Chuadwaith.)