08 August 2007

Homage to the Stick (Part Deux)

This beats the HELL out of watching Simpsons re-runs.

Alric Wolfsbane
(aka "Alric Wolfsnack")
Human Fighter 5

Alric is one of the founding PCs of the Party, a member in good standing of the Aeryn Watch. He picked up his surname whilst defending the party, during its first battle, from a pair of Dire Wolves. The fact that they were hungry Dire Wolves accounts both for his extensive facial scarring and his nickname.
Alric left the party after the Battle of the Sea Wyrm in Bornhavn (of which more later) when his Player decided to hang up his d20. I was unwilling to see such a fun PC disappear from the campaign, so Alric was transformed into a NPC. He remains a member of the Watch, currently on detached duty a hundred leagues to the south in Vejborg, where he is employed as a Lieutenant of Guards (working for the guy who gave him his first beating and his greatclub, Alric’s mentor and drinking buddy, Captain “Big” Ben).

Alric is depicted here wearing the buck-antlered helmet and the positively fab gilded masterwork scale armour that the Party found in the Crypt of the Barbarian King – despite the fact that, as soon as the Party arrived in Bornhavn, he traded it in, one-for-one, for a regular, run-of-the-mill chainshirt.
Some people have no fashion sense.