10 August 2007

Homage to the Stick IV - Brother Bear

Man, this just keeps getting easier!

Herewith the 4th instalment in the visual dramatis personae of the Chronicles of Anuru. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Bjorn Guthbrandr
Fighter 2 / Cleric of Esu 5

Money quote: "Stop...hammertime."
Bjorn is a son of the frozen northlands of Jarla, who got his start in life as a warrior raiding nearby settlements. I'll post his backstory at some point in time, but to keep a long story short for now, he was Called to serve Esu, the Allfather (aka the Mikkelseggr) by one of Esu's Battle Maidens. To atone for a history of wanton slaughter, he was ordered to carry a massive anvil, bare-handed, to a neighbouring village. On his arrival, the Maiden reappeared to him, and the anvil was transformed into Bjorn's mystical warhammer.
The gigantic Greathammer he is shown carrying in the above picture is actually a different weapon, an heirloom of the Kingdom of Ostjarla that was given into his care by Prelate Hardfist in Bymill, who bore it himself for more than 30 years. It has tremendous magical powers, including the ability to...
..hmmm...let's keep that as a surprise for later.